- Lisa Pineda


NPAiS Drivers


 - Ray Alfalla

 - Chris Overland

 - Brandon Pipgrass

 - Nick Shelton

 - Bobby Zalenski


Development Drivers


 - JJ Keblinskas

 - Stephanie Lessentine

 - Jason Jacoby

 - Kyle Putz

 - Nick Shelton

 - Brandon Kettelle

 - Santiago Tirres

 - Nick Decesaro

 - Cody Miller

 - Corey Carpenter

 - Liam Brotherton

 - Chris Henion



Crew Chiefs


 - Stephanie Lessentine

 - Joshua Hanner

 - Chris Henion




 - Brandon Wright

 - Sal Frazzetto

 - Ryan Keiss

 - Delonta Ballard



Interested in joining us?  Apply now!

In January of 2014, Lisa Pineda had a vision for a brand new online racing team at the top level.  After following the NASCAR PEAK Antifreeze Series in 2012 and 2013, Lisa had a good idea of what drivers she could count on for her 2014 campaign.


Ray Alfalla and Bryan Blackford stood out as good representatives of the series, their sponsors, and competitors on track. They committed to joining the team.  Many other additions were made, and in total, there are now 11 members currently on Slip Angle Motorsports.


Quickly, the team went to work, and revolutionized what it's like to be a virtual team.  The website was designed, the social media accounts created and setups were built for Daytona - which was only a few weeks away!


The team has enjoyed a lot of success thus far, but this is only the beginning. SAM has even bigger plans!


In the years to come, our team will be taking the skills and knowledge gained from the virtual world, and applying it in the physical world.

The ultimate goal of SAM is to prove that computer motorsport simulations have advanced to the point where it has become a proving ground for every Motorsport enthusiast who is motivated to enter physical world racing. Whether it's as a driver, spotter, crew chief or anything else to do with Motorsports.


We're committed to racing at the highest level of simulated racing, regardless of the platform, software or sanctioning body.


The future looks bright! We'll try to share as many moments of our journey as we can through our website, social media and videos.


Thank you for visiting!


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